Silicone Rose Vibe

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The all-rounder: it’s easy to hold, sticks to all smooth surfaces and can be used with a strap-on harness!
This slightly curved vibrator has a large head, a tapered shaft, is soft and smooth, and slides in and out really easily. There is also a raised line running down either side of the shaft that will stimulate your pleasure nerves. The 4 different vibration modes will also add that extra thrill and make your intimate area dance with pleasure – the 3 speeds mean that you can decide whether you want to enjoy a slow Foxtrot or a Quickstep… You can adjust the rhythm & speed quickly and easily with the remote control on a wire. The 3 LED lights on the remote control flash in time with the vibrations.

The slightly flexible vibrator has a suction cup which means that it can stick to any flat surface or be used with a compatible strap-on harness. The wire attached to the remote control is long enough to be used comfortably.

Complete length 19 cm, Ø 3.2 to 4 cm. Cable length 58 cm.
Material: silicone, PVC (cable), ABS (remote control)
Batteries: 2 x AAA, not included.

Bezpieczny dla ciała: tak
Długość całkowita: tak
EAN: 4024144598496
Różne prędkości: tak
Średnica zewnętrzna: 3,2-4
Stymulujący: tak
Wibrujący: tak

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